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Been busy lately. Signed up for continuing education classes; should be starting one for computer skills, and another for web design. Plan on learning how to do this stuff better.

Later I hope to be taking regular classes in the spring. For that I’ll be starting a Patreon campaign; you get to sponsor my education should you wish.

More coming when it’s ready.

When Blogs Wear You Down

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Been having loads of fun over at A Dangerous Journeys Blog, messing with themes and plugins, writing wikis and posts, and having loads of fun with themes and plugins that are not compatible with the version of WP I’m currently using. Remember when blogging was simple?

But at least I’m making progress.

I’m also looking at going back to school, a local community college. My plans are to learn how to use computers and software better, and to get more computer time at the school lab. That way DJ will get more work done in a day, and I’ll be able to network more per diem

That’s my news, hope your day is good.

Me, at Excessive Length

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On this date, 07/08/2014, I am 60+ years old, male, and dealing with Aspergers and all the hassles that presents. It means I’m not normal, and can never be normal. It is possible I could recover from my Major Depression, but there is no recovery from Aspergers.

You can add curvature of the spine, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, severe myopia in conjunction with severe astigmatism, a fatty liver, a short leg (the left), and a few broken bones that have healed nicely and with no problems. 

Mostly I’m a fussbudget who trying to maintain equilibrium and poise, and who doesn’t always succeed. I’m also someone who doesn’t always see things as you might, and I do insist on your supporting your beliefs with evidence and proof.

Love small animals, hate bigotry, and pun incorrigibly.

My opinions are my own. My mistakes are my own. 

Back Doing Two Blogs

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Started A Dangerous Journeys Blog, which deals with the DJ system, DJ RPGs, and RPGs in general. So all my RPG stuff will be appearing there from now on.

What about here?

My therapist has asked me to write about myself, and to use “I” statements, so I’m going to do that here.


So you’ll better understand me, and be encouraged to comment. That’s my rationale, and with that it’s time to post a personal post

Comment Solicitation: The Mythus(tm) Preface

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I’ve lost count of the number of prefaces I’ve drafted for Mythus(tm), but there have been a few. My problem is, getting you, my audience, to read the thing.

Why would you want to?

Because it says things a reader would do well to hear. Things that could make game play better, more engaging. Make participation more entertaining, and expand possibilities for Journey Master (JM) and player.

But how to word it so it is informative, and readable. For Mythus(tm) is not an instructional book, entirely, it is also an entertainment; and if you are not encouraged to read it, no matter how good a game I think it is, you are not going to try it out.

That’s the purpose of this preface, to explain to you what sort of game Mythus(tm) is, and what sort of roleplaying game (or RPG).

What is an RPG?

A game where you play a role.

What do you do as you play your role?

Most anything you like, given that the rules—the mechanics that is—will define and describe what you can do, and how you do it. Somd RPGs are complex, some are simple. Some RPGs are stricts, others are forgiving. Put regardless of what you play, the goal in the long run is to play a role.

What you do as a player is up to you. Your JM can suggest and advise, but he cannot tell you what you must do. Not unless you let him take control and refuse to countenance different ways. It is not his game, it is your adventure.

The most important thing is, trust yourself. Trust yourself to be able to do things on your own initiative. Trust yourself, and others, to work together to achieve whatever goals you have decided on. Or, at the least, to proceed in a manner that makes a session enjoyable and entertaining to those in the party.

RPGs are not competitive games. Neither are they necessarily cooperative games. Competition and cooperation are entirely up to you, and it is possible for you to compete and cooperate with the same people and the same time. Nor do you need to have the same goals as the others, for you can seek to gain your aim while at the same time helping the others gain theirs, or working against what they desire.

Yes, it can be complicated.

Mythus(tm) can be complicated, Mythus(tm) can be simple. It all depends on how you approach matters and how you handle affairs. For the role you play is entirely your business, and no one can forbid what you do, not without sufficient reason.

Mythus(tm) is not for everybody. Mythus(tm) may not be for you. You do decide to try the game, keep in mind that I’m not going to agree with you on everything, nor are you required to do as I say. You disagree, then you disagree. However you decide to handle matters, remember that this is a game about life in an imaginary world, and life in any sort of world covers a lot of territory and events.

Don’t be strict, don’t be pushy, don’t try to control everything. That’s my advice to you. My wish for you is that you find Mythus(tm) engaging and entertaining, and always remember that it is your adventure.

Now that I’ve blabbed on a bit, remember why you play, remember that the others you play with have rights of their own, and remember that an RPG is never so important it makes hostility and rancor tolerable. For nothing is so vital to your existence that it makes violence worthwhile.

Following this, in the introduction, the rules, and the background I have more to say, but this should give you something of a grounding into what RPGs as a whole, and Mythus(tm) in particular are about. Good fortune to you and your fellows, and remember to never let yourself get discouraged.

Alan Kellogg, June 19th 2014

Optimistic, Aint They

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As I type this officially it’s about 79° in San Diego. Given that this is for local temperature, at Lindbergh Field, in the shade, it should come as no surprise to those of us who live here that the temperature out in broad daylight is probably more like 85°, and where I live (a few miles east of Lindbergh Field) probably closer to 88°.

What this means is that the US Weather Service, being run by persnickity types, tells us fibs. Just to be safe, whenever you read a temperature from the Weather Service, add another 5° just to be safe.

Vocations Prelude

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This is a preface to the section on Vocations in Mythus. In this game there are no character classes or templates as in other RPGs. At the same time the player does not need to pick and choose from a list of skills, with no guide as to what works best for that player.

What is a Vocation?

A Vocation is what the HP does. But, unlike a character class the persona in Mythus is not limited to just the one Vocation, or to any specific list of skills.

In Mythus the player may select from any skill he chooses, with some restrictions as to what he can employ from that K/S Area. For instance, without a pact with evil the HP may not use any Sorcery Spells. Other than that, the persona in question may learn the Sorcery K/S and employ his knowledge to counteract and correct what a Sorcerer has done.

Another thing to note about Vocations is that no persona is restricted to a starting Vocation, and there is really no restriction on which Vocation he may assume later in life. In addition, the persona need not attempt to take up a new Vocation, instead he may learn the K/S Areas most strongly associated with his new Vocation. Determining when he became the new role is up to the JM, the player, and his fellow players. To make this simple, when a player’s field slave Fortune Teller Persona decides to take up the Green School of Dweomercræfting, all the player needs to do is to have his Persona take the K/S Areas associated with a Green Dweomercræfter and proceed from there. When the players and JM start referring to the HP as something like a Green Magician, then the Persona has assumed a new Vocation.

Now before we go, note that most of the Vocations in Mythus are not what one would call combat monsters. Indeed, most people in Mythus are not really suited for dungeon crawling or facing nefarious and deadly opponents. Mythus was not designed as a combat game, but as an adventure game.

With that in mind, even a Wisewoman with a handful of dust can still do a lot to embarrass a foe.

In any case, that’s the preface to Vocations in Mythus. Given that there are over 30 Vocations in the RPG (and more in 3rd party resources), it will take time to get them all written up.

Then you have the mechanics of crafting new Vocations, but that can wait for later.

welcome to my world